Why do you come to my shiatsu session?
Shiatsu is not only a massage. It is 1-1,5 hour space & silence when you can just be with yourself, you can experience the power of the moment while your full body will be relaxed. During shiatsu treatment the overactive nervous system calm down and you will feel more deeper relaxation then sleeping. This deep relaxation is the basic of all healing process whether you have an acute body pain or advanced illness. During the treatment I will pay attention to those meridians which is connected to your problem, releasing the fascia system which meshes the full body and I also use some gentle technique of osteopathy and craniosacral therapy if it is needed. I believe that shiatsu offer the possibility for moving more deeply into ourselves.

Please have a look at my recommendations how my clients felt themselves during my sessions.


„I had received a few magical Shiatsu treatments from Viki and would highly recommend her to everyone who’s feeling some physical tension or mental discomfort. Shiatsu is more than a massage, it heals not only the body but uplifts the soul and you feel overall energized. Thank you Viki for the wonderful sessions.”



„Why did I like to go to your session? Because I become so peaceful from the first minute as you started the massage. Such a relaxing silence appeared in the room which can be experienced rare. It was so good to meet with her from week to week and enjoy this silence after the daily routine and problems. The pain disappeared from my shoulder and I went home with the feeling that my body is so light. I felt my legs didn't touch the soil I am just walking so light. All pain, stress and tension were eliminated, only the big silence and space remained.”

Viktória K

„I felt so relaxed during the shiatsu session. Such a calmness and relaxation appeared in my whole body. The environment also was pleasant. I completely switched off for that hour.”

Livia S.

"I received weekly Shiatsu massages from Viki for a few months. After the treatments I always felt energized and relaxed, my backaches disappeared, and my energy level was higher and it stayed on that level for weeks. Her treatments are never repetitive, always a new experience. Viki is very committed to her profession, and she clearly enjoys the sessions as well as her clients. I really recommend her if you would like to have more energy and calmness in your life."

Éva B.

"I enjoyed every moment of Viki's shiatsu massage. It released all tensions of my body and gave my soul a wonderful relaxation. Touching and pushing different accupuncture points of the body, gave me special feelings. I recommend to anyone to try this massage. Thanks a lot Viki!"